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Friday, 25 November 2011

Immigration Lawyer Catherine A. Sas, Lies to get a $2,500.00 retainer from you and is a money crazed ruthless lawyer. She tells you on the telephone, " Leonard Kompa is a bad lawyer and you need a good lawyer like me. Please send me a retainer and I will help you."
Catherine swindles  you out of a $2,500.00 retainer on the telephone and she promises to help you. After wasting your time and leaving you in jail, she sends you a bill for looking at your submissions you gave her. All she tells you is what you already know from your own research, evidence and case law. She is a lousy rotten lawyer, who lies to you so she can swindle you out of a retainer. She tells you, " I know Leonard Kompa and you need a good lawyer like me, not a bad lawyer like Leonard." Thank you Catherine for taking my Elderly Mothers money and my money. You are absolutely useless and should be barred from the Law Society of British Columbia. Please return my $2,500.00 retainer, so I don't have to sue you for fraud and have you investigated by the British Columbia Courts, the Law Society and the Better Business Bureau of Canada. My e-mail is  Leonard knows what you said about him, he will probably want to sue you too.

                               Randy Quaid in   'The Long Riders'   Real Cowboy Justice of the West
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