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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

CANADA TERROR - THE RCMP ARE THE TERRORIST FOR USING DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ON PEOPLE. These RCMP members are now under investigation for having knowledge of illegal weapons being used against the residence of British Columbia. Sargeant Robert Jones, Norman Massie, Dave Prentice, Dave Armstrong, Jeff Scott, Len Laseur and the two special unit members who attended my Hope property in December of 2003.

ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.


The Terrorist Script - by Barrie Trower

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Amin MuhammadAmin Muhammad Gadit is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine. October 2009, he writes a paper with the title “Terrorism and Mental Health: The issue of Psychological Fragility” published in Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. In the paper he talks about psychological long term effects that result from terrorist activities on civilians, including behavioral problems and post-traumatic stress.
He also notes that with the introduction of remote influencing technology, and the new weapon systems, it might be challenging for a psychiatrist to tell the difference between real mental and physical problems and induced ones, asking one crucial question: Are we prepared for this challenge?
“The matters in terms of violence are advancing with the passage of time that may possibly bring in more serious issues related to both physical as well as mental health.
Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.
Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered and can even motivate suicide or murder. Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body. Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption. This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of abuse and torture. Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims.
The potential threat from use of biological warfare agents is more devastating as they are not detectable before the attack and can lead the possible victims to a state of constant vigilance and anxiety.”
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See Amin Muhammad’s bio.
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RCMP V2K Voice to Skull Technology used on Human!

Presidential Bioethics Commission Investigations

from Washington D.C.

Targeted Individual Sean Stinn dies.

In addition to the investigation of retired Hope RCMP Staff Sergeant Dale Kjemhus. Thanks to a reliable informant. The following names of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Members, have been brought to our attention for our investigation into the use of Direct Energy Weapons, Micro Wave Weapons, Medusa, MKUltra, V2K, Sonic and other Wifi Weapons. These RCMP members are now under investigation for having knowledge of illegal weapons being used against the residence of British Columbia. Sargeant Robert Jones, Norman Massie, Dave Prentice, Dave Armstrong, Jeff Scott, Len Laseur and the two special unit RCMP members who attended my Hope property at 2am in December of 2003. Thanks to our informant, we will be able to indentify the criminal RCMP Officers who are willfully using Direct Energy Weapons againt the residence of British Columbia, Canada and the World. In addition to disbursing the $25,000,000.00 reward offered for information of RCMP Members using illegal weapons. There is also a Whistle-Blowers reward offered by the Government. It's time the RCMP clean up their rank and file members and gid rid of the rotten cops, who have used these illegal weapons against the 1000's of victims. Further information is greatly appreciated and will be kept in the strictest confidence, to protect the indentity of our informants. Please contact us at
 'THE RIDERS OF THE PLAINS' a well known poem to honour all the law abiding members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. "WE ALWAYS GET OUR MAN" 
That Includes Our Own Bad RCMP Members!

"Who is it lacks the knowledge? Who are the curs that dare
To whine and sneer that they do not fear the whelps in the Lion's lair?
But we of the North will answer, while life in the North remains,
Let the curs beware lest the whelps they dare are the Riders of the Plains;
For these are the kind whose muscle makes the power of the Lion's jaw,
And they keep the peace of our people and the honour of British law.

A woman has painted a picture,--'tis a neat little bit of art
The critics aver, and it roused up for her the lover of the big British heart.
'Tis a sketch of an English bulldog that tigers would scarce attack,
And round and about and beneath him is painted the Union Jack.
With its blaze of colour, and courage, its daring in every fold,
And underneath is the title, "What we have we'll hold."
'Tis a picture plain as a mirror, but the reflex it contains
Is the counterpart of the life and heart of the Riders of the Plains;
For like to that flag and that motto, and the power of that bulldog's jaw,
They keep the peace of our people and the honour of British law.

These are the fearless fighters, whose life in the open lies,
Who never fail on the prairie trail 'neath the Territorial skies,
Who have laughed in the face of the bullets and the edge of the rebels' steel,
Who have set their ban on the lawless man with his crime beneath their heel;
These are the men who battle the blizzards, the suns, the rains,
These are the famed that the North has named the "Riders of the Plains,"
And theirs is the might and the meaning and the strength of the bulldog's jaw,
While they keep the peace of the people and the honour of British law.

These are the men of action, who need not the world's renown,
For their valour is known to England's throne as a gem in the British crown;
Thses are the men who face the front, whose courage the world may scan,
The men who are feared by the felon, but are loved by the honest man;
These are the marrow, the pith, the cream, the best that the blood contains,
Who have cast their days in the valiant ways of the Riders of the Plains;
And theirs is the kind whose muscle makes the power of old England's jaw,
And they keep the peace of her people and the honour of British law.

Then down with the cur that questions,--let him slink to his craven den,--
For he daren't deny our hot reply as to "who are our mounted men."
He shall honour them east and westward, he shall honour them south and north,
He shall bare his head to that coat of red wherever that red rides forth.
'Tis well that he knows the fibre that the great North-West contains,
The North-West pride in her men that ride on the Territorial plains,--
For of such as these are the muscles and the teeth in the Lion's jaw,
And they keep the peace of our people and the honour of British law."

We honour our informants for your courage and bravely in your very corrupt RCMP Detachment.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

The Challenge of Exotic Weapons

Current and Emerging Technologies

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons (EMP)

MI5 Agent Dr. Barrie Trower: Dangerous radiation everywhere.

Interview with Dr.  

These weapons technologies have been considered the “Holy Grail” of directed energy (DE). The general principle of EMP weapons is to generate one or more very intense pulses of electromagnetic power that penetrate equipment and degrade or destroy electronic circuitry, causing electrical surges, leaving equipment burned out and computer terminals overloaded with the similar result as if there were a lighting strike.14 Electromagnetic pulses have for some time been associated as byproducts of energy produced by detonated high altitude nuclear weapons. Research in past decades has concentrated on producing non-nuclear EMP. Work by specialists like Max Fowler at Los Alamos, developed flux generators, which through continuous development were capable of producing pulses with peak power on the order of terawatts, with a single pulse having as much condensed power as 1000 nuclear reactors. Major programs were developed and sustained decades ago by the former Soviet Union and the United States. Interest in such weapons has also included NATO countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany.15 The Chinese are also said to be interested in EMP technology. EMP can be broadly broken down into two categories-those aimed at the environment and those aimed at living systems.16
EMP technology is on the cusp of reality, possibly to be utilized operationally in a future U.S. and coalition war with Iraq in 2003. Testing efforts in the United States are centered in New Mexico at Kirtland Air Force Base.17 One major weapon system that was described recently is known as an “e bomb.” An e bomb uses EMP technology that can be mounted in cruise missiles and is meant to destroy or disrupt command and control functions of adversaries when the missile flies over installations such as bunkers.18 Some critics have questioned the weapon’s reliability when assessing test samples and the mixed record. Another limitation with this technology is fratricide. It has been argued that EM pulses do not discriminate between friend and foe. Therefore, choices on delivery systems focus on missiles to carry the warhead away from friendly forces. Other non-lethal research with EMP has been explored for potential crowd control situations using electromagnetic waves to put human targets to sleep or to heat them up, on the microwave principle.19
The United States Marine Corps has been tasked with the direction of the joint non-lethal technology program headquartered at Quantico, Virginia. One of the latest developments is a weapon specializing in “active denial technology.” It is designed to stop people by firing millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy in a beam that quickly heats up the surface of the victim’s skin, activating pain sensors, with effects similar to touching a hot light bulb. These weapons will initially be mounted on Marine and Army Humvees.20

High Powered Microwave

High Powered Microwave (HPM) is another component of directed energy weapons that utilizes microwave energy. Some of the technological concepts on which EMP weapons are based on technology such as flux compression generators are restricted to frequency bands below 1MHz. Several targets will be difficult to attack with very high power levels at high frequencies and challenges with focusing energy output will cause difficulties for that range of technology. HPM devices overcome these problems because its power output is more tightly focused.21 Devices such as Klystrons, Magnetrons and Vircators are some of the technology bases for HPM. Raytheon, a prime American contractor for this technology has stated that some of the high-powered microwave systems “were on the verge of use today,” with several systems being in the field within three to four years.22

Radio Frequency Weapons

Considered to be another class of weapons, Radio Frequency (RF) weapons are an increasing concern to the point of being the subject of a national intelligence estimate (NIE) by the National Intelligence Council in the United States. This concern is based on the perceived danger of low energy RF weapons directed at unprotected electronics, particularly computer systems. This danger has increasingly changed the focus of security and defence analysts dealing with domestic threats.23 Compounding the risk was the belief that toward the end of the 1990’s, the threat of RF weapons (along with other exotic weapons) was missing from political consideration.24 Since September 11th, the degree to which such risks are being assessed and dealt with in relation to other threats is a critical question that should be examined by national governments. To provide some insight into possible threats to civilian targets, the analysis of one expert is helpful.
According to a former KGB major Victor Sheymov, such low-tech weapons could be “devastating and highly indiscriminate.” He pointed out that a shoebox-sized weapon could be constructed in less than three hours using store-bought electrical components.25 One assessment suggested that the necessary components could be obtained from a local Radio Shack for as little as $800 U.S. A popular scenario depicts a van being used to house the components which would then drive around a selected target such as a government building or private corporation and emit low power pulses, which can pass through concrete walls and disable or burn out electronics and computer equipment.26 Although information warfare is not the central focus of this paper, the possible threat of these types of weapons on societies so dependent on computers and information technology warrants some discussion below.27
Recently, there has been formal recognition in some countries of the vulnerability of national infrastructure to terrorist attacks with non-traditional weapons and targets. For example, initiatives by the Clinton Administration in 1998 to deal with threats to national infrastructure have resulted in the formation of a National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter terrorism.28 Analysts are concerned with the lack of preparedness with civilian infrastructure in comparison to military technology, which ironically in the case of the latter, is also a source for concern because of increasing reliance for civilian off the shelf technology (COST) being used by the military. Projects aimed at “hardening” systems for protection have been advocated. Most of the individuals and groups that are highlighting the dangers are worried about the technology being used by terrorist organizations and more sophisticated or powerful capabilities being obtained by other states. Suggestions for finding national and international methods for non-proliferation have been advocated, with the hope of countries like the United States maintaining its lead in research and development.

Acoustic Weapons

Employing acoustic frequencies from infrasound, audible sound and ultrasound wavelengths could be used in law enforcement and peace support operations with the objective of not creating untenable sound, but rather, to vibrate the targeted people physically. In these particular operations the need to gain control of a violent situation with minimal force may be required. One scenario would be to use acoustic weapons to drive people away from a selected area or to enforce a safety zone between troops or police and potential attackers, with no contamination to the area or cleanup being required.29 Audible sound in the range of 20 to 20 000 hertz can be used to influence behaviour. According to Alexander, “at low frequencies it is possible to cause internal vibrations that generate a number of effects, depending on the frequency and power levels employed.” At the low range, no countermeasure or protection can be taken and care is needed to avoid injury or death.30 Some examples include acoustic bullets of high power; very low frequency emitted from one to two metre antenna dishes. Effects can be categorized as blunt object trauma with effects ranging from injury to death.31 Another familiar concept is the use of a device incorporated into a sound system, known as a “curdler unit,” it produces shrills, shrieking and blatting noise. The objective is to irritate and disperse rioters with a decibel level below the dangerous range to the human ear. Used at night, the curdler unit can produce a voodoo effect used to break up chanting, singing and clapping. The “Squak Box” is a device used by the British Army in Northern Ireland for crowd dispersal. The device emitted two ultrasonic frequencies that became intolerable when mixed in the human ear, often causing giddiness, nausea and fainting.32
Research in the acoustic area has spanned over decades with great attention paid by the superpowers during the Cold War. The former Soviet Union experimented with acoustic weapons in efforts to determine the physiological and psychological effects.33 Current research conducted in the United States by Scientific Applications and Research Associates (SARA) in California, built upon research carried out in Nazi Germany and examined the application of a vortex generator using repetitive detonation. A medium such as propane gas or combination of methane and oxygen is combusted to generate pressure waves greater than 130dB, sufficient to incapacitate anyone in the targeted area.34 Swedish experiments with High Energy Whirls (HEW) have been conducted using similar principles. An attempt to replicate the Swedish experiment, generated ring vortices two feet in diameter traveling the length of a football field at 70 metres per second. Such power potential has raised concerns that the there is the capacity to cause more physical damage to humans than would be acceptable.35 It is argued that acoustic weapons run the risk of being an indiscriminate weapon. The release of high intensity sound could impose the same degree of damage on the noncombatant as the combatant.36 As with all of the above directed energy weapons, the range of effectiveness is from nonlethal to lethal and could be adjusted accordingly. What rules or conventions detail what is acceptable in terms of the design and capability of such technologies, particularly if they have a range of lethality?
There is also the added complexity of research which involves more than one scientific principle or medium and what the impact of such combined technologies would be on non-proliferation, arms control or disarmament treaties already in place. During the Cold War, the Soviets experimented with acoustic systems used in conjunction with chemicals to enhance their affects. It was stated that, “while some of the reported effects were intentionally fatal by initiation of anaphylactic shock in test animals, non-lethal approaches could also be considered.” The same author cites “that it may be feasible to apply sub critical doses of a substance to one or more people, then later induce hypersensitivity with an infrasound device.”37 What should be a greater concern to policy makers is the preoccupation with what is not covered by arms control or disarmament treaties and the attempts to find the loopholes or exploit weaknesses. This rationalization is made in Colonel Alexander’s book and may be reflective of those civilian and military leaders who are advocates of non-lethal technologies, not wary of the unintended consequences caused by their development. With regard to the abovementioned combination of acoustic technology with “chemicals,” Alexander states, “while this technique would surely come under extensive criticism, its application by those not constrained by international treaties makes the possibility worth exploring from a defensive posture.”38 This has often been exactly the type of logic that has been accused of as being a veil for an offensive, lethal program and arms race.


In response to the inclusion of a protocol on lasers in the Geneva Convention in 1995, supporters of non-lethal weapons have endeavored to advocate the use of “eye friendly” lasers. Lasers were the first fielded tactical directed (DE) systems-weapons that shoot photons, not bullets. Use of “red” and “green” lasers as a non-lethal weapon in a humanitarian or peace enforcement mission has received high praise from military ground commanders. The lasers can be used for multiple military purposes, including target detection, target designation, and deterrence. Employment of this technology was in part credited for the highly successful extraction mission of UN forces from Somalia in 1995 with no casualties to any side. For example, lasers were used to deter Somali snipers and mortar crews preparing to engage US Marines conducting the mission.39
Concerns expressed about use of lasers that cause blindness in individuals has been a serious issue internationally for some time. Laser pointers have swept the marketplace globally and are readily accessible. Countries apart from the United States have developed blinding lasers. The Chinese have developed the ZM-87 Portable Laser Disturber that is designed to dazzle and blind up to ranges of 3,000 metres. The serious impediments to controlling non-eye-safe laser technology that is already so widespread, presents challenges to the international community. According to Alexander:
To bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world in regards to serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Use Direct Energy Weapons to Torture and Kill Victims. "I know of no technology or other means by which members of the RCMP could read a person's mind or inflict subliminal messages on a person," Staff Sgt. Dale Kjemhus, the commander of the Hope detachment, testified. But B.C. Supreme Court Justice James Williams said the officer's testimony and affidavit were not good enough. In his ruling, released Friday, the judge said he intended no disrespect to Kjemhus, but found  "his evidence that he is unaware of the technique is not by any means proof positive that it is not used."  Staff Sgt. Dale Kjemhus is a modern day Nazi,who has done nothing to expose the RCMP's use of micro wave and directed energy weapons. Kjemhus has brought shame and destruction to the lives of the victims and to Canada. Kjemhus has had 2 years to investigate and bring the criminal RCMP to justice, instead he hides in his Hope office, doing absolutely nothing.

The RCMP's Favorite Slogan, 

I don’t talk much about my cultural background, but I feel it’s time that I bring it up so I can do my best to bring a stop to probably one of the most insulting saying that is thrown around carelessly by so many. My cultural background is Ukrainian and with that background, or even if I wasn’t Ukrainian, I am and would be very insulted every time someone says “no worries” to me. It feels like someone says that to me every day or so and every time I hear that, a piece of me dies inside.

I imagine, or I hope, that the people who use that awful saying don’t understand the background of the phrase. Back in the early 1940s in the Ukraine, Adolf Hitler sent travelling death squads throughout the Ukraine to exterminate those he didn’t think deserved to live, which included tens of thousands of Ukrainians. The last thing these poor people heard before they were executed by these Nazi death squads was “Keine Angst” or sometimes, “Keine Sorge” which translates to “No Worries”. This is what so many people, including innocent children, were told just before watching their parents get executed before their eyes and then again prior to when they too, were executed, usually as they looked directly into the oncoming gun fire.

I’ve never personally used the offensive phrase “no worries” to anyone under any circumstance and I hope someday soon that this phrase is abolished from the English language. I guess it’s because my Grandfather came to Canada in the 1940s after he witnessed the Nazis murder much of his family, friends and neighbors all while he heard “Keine Sorge” and “Kiene Angst”, over and over again.

So out of respect for those that were senselessly put to their deaths, please don’t ever say “no worries” to anyone, unless of course you are some kind of a modern day Nazi who gets a kick out of the suffering of the innocent. And, whenever you hear someone use the awful words “no worries”, please pass on the origin of this phrase so we can bring it to an end.


United States Presidential Investigations 

Commission Hearings.

Video testimony from the victims and expert witnesses 

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2,2011

Targeted Individuals speak out against torture! 

The RCMP are now being investigated for torturing American and Canadian Citizens.  
Reward offered for insider information on the RCMP using micro wave and directed energy weapons to Target Individuals. T.I.'s 
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2, and May 18,2011
Transcript Testimony

Video testimony

The RCMP, CSIS and the Canadian Government is involved with Direct Energy Weapons, MKUltra,V2K, Mind Control and Medusa Technology. The RCMP are targeting the victims all over the world.

 Sir Samuel Benfield Steele, the father of the North West Mounted Police is rolling over in his grave in disgust with the gun deaths, taser's and direct energy weapons the RCMP are using today. Superintendent Sam Steele of the North West Mounted Police was no stranger to action. The big, burly Mountie had helped rid the west of whisky traders, policed the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and averted war between natives and white settlers in British Columbia.
 Rest in Peace  
Sir Samuel Benfield Steele



Adolf Hitler,would be proud of the RCMP and their ruthless and evil Jezebel lawyer Megan Volk.

Adolf Hitler's speeches to the Nazi National Party. 

Hitler was the ultimate criminal mastermind and so are the RCMP

Megan Volk has willfully and deliberately insulted the Hon. Judge James Beasley of Sedgwick County, Wichita Kansas and the Hon. State Rep. James O. Guest of Missouri,who have successfully ruled on direct energy weapons in the Supreme Court of the United States. Protecting all the American People from this diabolical torture and human rights violation.
United States Court Recognizes Electronic Harassment.
Protection order for James Walbert  December 30, 2008
Open letter from politicians and human rights groups calls for independent torture inquiry
"To understand the B.C. government's attitude toward Court access, it really would be simpler if they put up signs on the Courthouse door, reading "Ordinary People Prohibited." Statement from British Columbia Lawyer Peter Ritchie of Vancouver
 Jerry Rose Jr. Implant Torture in the Diagrams.
These diagrams shows carbon based diamonoid nano mesh wire with electrodes and implants. That are used in an intergrated system.Nano-polymeris used to covertly cover the wires.
The web master of this site,had this happen to him. see victims statements on this site.


The RCMP attacked Jerry Rose Jr. with  Direct Energy Weapons.They willfully assaulted his mental and physical wellness,turning his life into a nightmare from hell.

Canada has never seen this kind of torture used on humans.


The Canadian People,do not have to tolerate torture by RCMP NAZI CRIMINAL COPS. The Canadian human rights laws, protect the Canadian Citizens against torture, don't they?

Here in sworn video testimony are the other victims of direct energy torture the RCMP have targeted,like Jerry Rose Jr.


Sent: 05/10/09 09:03 am
Subject: Johnny here is the Statement in email form....Jerry



Plaintiff         Jerry Douglas Rose Jr.


HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF CANADA as represented by THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (Government of Canada, R.C.M.P) and as represented by THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CANADA and HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA as represented by THE ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE “E” DIVISION (Government of British Columbia, R.C.M.P) and as represented by THE MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND THE SOLICITOR GENERAL OF BRITISH COLUMBIA STATEMENT OF CLAIM LEGAL PROCEEDING HAS BEEN CONSIDERED and will COMMENCE AGAINST YOU by the Plaintiff. The Claim made against you is set out in the following pages. IF YOU WISH TO DEFEND THIS PROCEEDING, you or a solicitor acting for you are required to prepare a statement of defense within 14 days of being served. IF YOU FAIL TO DEFEND THIS PROCEEDING, judgment may be given against you in your absence and without further notice to you.

1. Between January of 2003 and Wednesday September 30th, 2009 the Plaintiff has had ongoing Charter violations,carried out against him by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Nanaimo Detachment and “E” Division) and The Province of British Columbia through the use of experimental neurotechnology and a two-tier Province of British Columbia/RCMP network computer environment, microwave communication and wirelessly transmitted bi-directional signals affecting the Plaintiff’s neural synaptic brain activity and memories. Specifically,Section 7 LIFE, LIBERTY AND SECURITY OF PERSON, Section 8 SEARCH OR SEIZURE, Section 9 DETENTION OR IMPRISONMENT, Section 12 TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT and Section 15(1) EQUALITY BEFORE AND UNDER LAW  AND EQUAL PROTECTION AND BENEFIT OF LAW. The Plaintiff and his ex-common law wife were both injected with cranial microchip implants under direction of the RCMP. The Plaintiff suffers from brain function and memory manipulation, cognitive psychological harassment, cognitive psychological coercion and cognitive psychological imprisonment facilitated by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The Province of British Columbia to initiate harm upon the Plaintiff causing excessive and undo mental anguish, psychological trauma, physical trauma and long term damage to the Plaintiff’s person. These cognitive manipulations have physically and mentally affected every aspect of the Plaintiff’s life, the future outcome of the Plaintiff’s life and the Plaintiff’s quality of life.

2.The Plaintiff suffers from the effects and is seeking damages from Canada and The Province of British Columbia for an invasive experimental polymer/silicon cranial microchip implant that was injected into the left hemisphere of his brain under direction of the RCMP, Servants of the Queen. The implant allows for the administration of wireless microwave coded and decoded signals to be bi-directionally transmitted and received between the Plaintiff’s brain, the implant and the computer environment. Affecting the Plaintiff’s brain in an artificial and injurious fashion derogating brain function, memories and thought processes in a diminishing manner. The implants are experimental neurotechnology injected into the cranium and the computer environment is a wireless microwave restricted access network facilitated by The Province of British Columbia and utilized by RCMP Detachments in “E” Division. The computer environment is used by units and teams in the RCMP such as serious crime units and property crime units and offender monitoring teams along with constables, general duty constables and civilians and doctors employed by the Province under direction of The Province of British Columbia and the RCMP to conduct research, gather intelligence and surveillance on  non-consensual subjects within the computer environment.

3.The Plaintiff is also seeking damages because he has experienced undue stress, grief and mental anguish by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police,The Ministry of Public Safety and The Department of Justice not subjugating the actions of RCMP members active in the computer environment and also the Plaintiff’s right to equal benefit of law and equal protection of law as outlined in the Canadian Charter by putting a stop to the continued use of the computer environment and by preventing the ongoing harassment against the Plaintiff by members of the RCMP and civilian members of the public working under direction and in full cooperation with the RCMP (Nanaimo Detachment and “E” Division). Also, for the loss of his inherent right to brain privacy and the security thereof of brain privacy within the Criminal Justice System and within Law Enforcement, in turn affecting the Plaintiff’s autonomy and security of person by the RCMP’s use of illegal wiretap technology, such as this.

4.Since 2003, primarily over the last five (5) years, through the computer environment and the implant, the Plaintiff has been in direct communication with Nanaimo RCMP members and civilians under direction of the RCMP, non-consensually and through no fault of his own. The Plaintiff, while travelling the Island highway corridor between Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo and Courtney/Comox has maintained a direct uplink with the computer environment through his implant. Also, within “E” Division, primarily, Vancouver Island, Vernon, Hope, Vancouver and Richmond the Plaintiff has firsthand knowledge to the existence of the ongoing use of a province wide computer environment facilitated by the Province and used by the RCMP (“E” Division) and also knowledge to the identities of non-consensual civilians who have implants and who are profiled within the computer environment. Civilians who know nothing about the implants or the computer environment or their inclusion within the environment. The Plaintiff is seeking damages for being included not only within the Nanaimo Detachment facilitated computer environment but also being inclusive within the “E” Division province wide computer environment.

5.The Plaintiff is also seeking damages for being physically aware of the existence of the implanted microchip and because of the physical discomfort of the implant, pronounced by constant stabbing searing pain in the area of the implant. Also, because of the RCMP and the Province being aware of these effects, not only from the implanted microchip but from the effects of bi-directional microwave radio frequencies signaled to the Plaintiff’s brain through the implant and by the Province and the RCMP not taking the necessary steps in alleviating the Plaintiff’s obvious pain and suffering, originating from the use of the implant and the computer environment.

6.The Plaintiff’s neurons and neuronal structures have been affected by the use of the computer environment directed towards the Plaintiff’s brain through the implant and by the RCMP allowing the continued use of microwave signals being transmitted to specific brain regions and to the whole of the Plaintiff’s brain, creating artificially generated synapses and synaptic activity. Specifically, neurons that have been manipulated and or altered and or destroyed, synapses that have been artificially created, neural spiking in the Plaintiff’s brain being monitored, memories that have been manipulated and or blocked and thought processes artificial signaled between the Plaintiff’s brain, the implant and the computer environment. Neurons are biological entities unto themselves; each neuron within the brain is delegated to work in a cohesive manner with other neurons creating neuronal structures. When these neurons are manipulated independently and within these structures the effect upon the brain as a whole allows for the facilitators of a computer environment of this nature to control an individual’s thought processes and brain function using microwave communication and a cranial implant. A technology based regime of experimental mind control and research facilitated by The Province of British Columbia and used by the RCMP incorporating neurotechnology, cognitive psychology, brain emulation, microwave communication, software programming, coded and decoded bi-directional microwave signals effecting brain and cognitive functions and a wireless network computer environment as a platform. The Plaintiff has been subject to the use of this technology by the RCMP and The Province of British Columbia since 2003.

7. Consequential damages are being sought in the event of the real possibility of a brain tumor or brain cancer developing as a result of brain tissue/scar tissue build-up around the implant and or also microwave radio frequencies transmitted to the implant through the protective layer of the brain referred to as the Blood Brain Barrier. Microwave radio frequencies originating from the use of the implant and the computer environment by the RCMP (Nanaimo Detachment and “E” Division) and The Province of British Columbia.

8.The Plaintiff is seeking relief from Canada and The Province of British Columbia for the RCMP and the Province violating the Proclamation of 1763 and the Plaintiff’s rights as a Canadian citizen by molesting the Plaintiff, a Kwanlin Dun First Nation Status Indian through the injection of an experimental cranial implant into the Plaintiff’s brain. Also, for allowing the direction of racial slurs, intimidation and harassment towards the Plaintiff by subjecting the Plaintiff to the injection of the implant which allows for non-consensual communication between the Plaintiff, RCMP members and civilians directly involved. Civilians and members of the RCMP who have shown propensity towards intimidation and racial motivation in continuing their mandate, as set out by the   RCMP and The Province of British Columbia against the Plaintiff to further incur harm upon the Plaintiff’s person. Racial slurs and comments that were designed and stated to demean and inflict hate upon the Plaintiff which has affected the Plaintiff in a long term and permanent manner.

9. The Plaintiff was employed as a Computer Sales Representative from 1997 to 2000 earning $54,000 per year at Future Shop in Nanaimo. For 3 months in 2000 he was employed with Discovery Computers in Nanaimo and then was self employed with Connected Computer Services, working up and down Vancouver Island from Port Hardy to Nanaimo including Parksville, Qualicum Beach and French Creek as a Computer Installer and Network Support Specialist. He was earning between $20 and $60 per hour based on the client and the needs of the client and he was working full time hours.The Plaintiff has been on disability since 2002 stemming from Hepatitis C and the effects of the implant and is currently under doctor’s care pertaining to his illness. His treatment is a combination treatment of Interferon injections and Copegus Ribivirin tablets; he will be cured of Hepatitis C in October of 2009. In 2003, the Plaintiff was subject to the injection of an invasive microchip implant under direction of the RCMP, non-consensually; written, verbal or otherwise because of charges brought against the Plaintiff by the Nanaimo Detachment RCMP in December of 2002, charges that were unfounded and later thrown out of court by his Honour Judge Joe. In 2005, his ex-common law wife was injected with the same cranial microchip technology by the RCMP without her written or verbal consent. The injection of the implant is a procedure that has had debilitating effects on the Plaintiff and has affected every aspect of his life including his abilities for current and future employment. Also, the Plaintiff has been in contact with Indian Affairs and Council for Yukon Indians seeking funding for tuition to gain his commercial helicopters license at Coast Helicopter College, however, in order for the Plaintiff to hold a commercial license he requires that signals to his implant cease and desist and the conduct carried out against him by the RCMP stop and he also requires and is requesting from the court to make an order for Canada and The Province of British Columbia as represented by The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Governments of Canada and British Columbia to facilitate and pay all costs for a surgical procedure to have the implant removed.



Place of Trial: VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA Victoria Registry SCBCDate: Wednesday September 30th, 2009 
Plaintiff: Jerry Douglas Rose Jr

Added to the torture of being a victim of direct energy weapons,
Jerry Rose Jr. is subjected to the ruthless and criminal behavior of
The RCMP Lawyer Megan Volk,who has no morals and no shame.
She will do anything to discredit,a legitimate lawsuit to get her own selfish,lying,vicious,and evil way.
Megan is more wicked and evil, than Jezebel or Solome of The Bible.
Not only does she abuse the victims rights,as a officer of the court,she also abuses the court.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeals,has been a willing victim to her lies and manipulation in the courtroom.
I would never of imagined a victims legal rights to justice could be so abused by evil and corruption in Canada.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
                    Martin Luther King Jr.
HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Supposed Weather modification, communication disruption and mind control Weapon. Extended Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI)weapon of the US military.HAARP has the ability of modifying the World's electro-magnetic field.

Jerry Douglas Rose Jr. lawsuit was illegally dismissed from the British Columbia Court of Appeals. Thanks to the efforts of the underhanded, manipulating, lying, ruthless, despicable, depraved and heartless RCMP Lawyer, Megan Volk.


The Jerusalem Post by Robert Sarner and Steven Leibowitz

The story of Nazi's in Canada 

Canadian Anthem, Tomorrow belongs to me!

  "What luck for rulers that men do not think."  Adolf Hitler  

Parts of the Auschwitz Camp were called Canada

RCMP Cpl. Norm Massie



Canadian border agent arrested

(Bellingham Herald) – A Canadian Border Services agent stationed at the Pacific Highway truck crossing has been arrested for allegedly helping smuggle cocaine into Canada.
Six-year border agent Baljinder Kandola, 35, of Surrey, B.C., faces six drug trafficking, conspiracy and bribery charges in Surrey Provincial Court for allegedly allowing Shminder Johal and Herman Riar, both Richmond, B.C., residents, across the border with drugs and guns early Thursday morning, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Shortly after Johal and Riar crossed the border, officials arrested the pair and seized about 458 pounds of cocaine, three handguns and approximately $200,000 in cash according to the RCMP.
Police Cpl. Norm Massie said the arrests were part of a 13-month investigation into Kandola, who had allegedly allowed Johal and Riar to cross on numerous occasions and was taking a cut of the money the pair was making. Johal and Riar both face four drug and firearm trafficking charges. 
RCMP protected pedophile Judge - now two of their officers under investigation!

See CTV video confirming TWO RCMP officers now discovered involved in sex with young girls.

RCMP agents committed crimes in line of duty

Anything to justify breaking the 'rule of law', our so-called "peace officers" with the help of their government hacks, grant themselves a blatant two-tiered justice system - one for those claiming to be in authority and one for citizens who hold power to grant them their only legitimate authority. Should we thank them for ignoring their sacred oath to uphold the Queen's law, and create a "justice system" that has failed nearly every Canadian to one degree or other?

Note in the below story how the alleged federal government didn't mention that the RCMP was caught letting in Drug-lords for payoff's.

Report details offences shielded by new law

By CRISTIN Schmitz
Can West News Service

Ottawa — RCMP civilian agents with immunity from prosecution covertly committed a range of crimes, including firearms offences, counterfeiting and theft over $5,000 under the Mounties direction in 2004-2005, the federal government has disclosed.
The latest report on the RCMP’s use of a new "law" which for the first time gives police, and agents under their authority, an immunity from prosecution for most crimes committed in the line of duty, was tabled in the Commons chamber a week ago by Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day.
The contentious law shields designated "public officers” — police park wardens, fisheries officers, customs officials and jail guards who are enforcing any federal statute, and their agents— from crimi­nal liability for virtually all crimes, short of obstructing justice, sex crimes, or vio­lence causing bodily harm, provided their otherwise illegal conduct is reasonable and proportional” to the crimes being investigated.
Thursday, the Canadian Bar Associa­tion, the voice for 36,000 lawyers across the country, demanded the government repeal the Criminal Code provisions which law enforcement officials call “essential” to combat organized criminals and terrorists but civil libertarians deplore as unnecessary and unconstitu­tional.

“It is highly questionable whether it is consistent with the rule of law for police to break the law in order to enforce it,” said Vancouver lawyer Greg Deifliglo, who spoke for the association before the Commons justice committee Thursday.
“Police agents are typically themselves criminals and cannot be trusted or relied upon to abide by the law or follow a police officer’s directions,” DelBiglo argued.
The justice committee is in the midst of an overdue mandatory three-year study of whether the February 2002 law is working, and what reforms should be made.
Statistics disclosed last week by the government in its third annual report on the law reveal that from Feb. 1, 2004 to Jan. 31, 2005, the RCMP authorized its. agents, typically informers and criminals, to commit multiple crimes on seven occa­sions, including illegal firearms offences possession of stolen goods, possession forged passports, theft over $5,000 and counterfeiting
No illegal conduct by police officers themselves was disclosed. But we do have this issue that was also covered up by RCMP and government officials.
According to one of the RCMP's websites, they claim to strive to provide enforcement of offenses pertaining to illegal immigration and misuse of Canadian passports and citizenship documents, but W-5 (a CTV program) dug up a massive trail of corruption and cover-up that goes all the way to the Prime Minister's office!!!

Canada's national police force can't be trusted to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into new criminal allegations made at the AdScam inquiry, Conservative Deputy Leader Peter MacKay suggested yesterday. He points to RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli's "perceived" cozy relationship with the government of Jean Chretien and the fact the force was itself tangled up in the sponsorship scandal. "There's already been significant examples of where the RCMP have been too -- and I emphasize too -- closely linked to the Prime Minister's Office," MacKay said, recommending the Quebec or Ontario provincial police conduct a probe instead. Zaccardelli, however, hinted yesterday the Mounties could broaden their investigation into AdScam.

Naturally they found a way to cover-up this one too. 
Thanks to their special prosecutor.

Mountie accused of paying teenage girls for sex 
VANCOUVER — An RCMP officer from Prince George allegedly paid a teenage prostitute for oral sex and hit her when she refused to perform the act with­out a condom, a disciplinary hearing heard yesterday.
Const. Justin Harris, who maintains his innocence and has not been criminally charged, is appearing before a disciplinary hearing in Vancouver this week accused of behaving in a “disgraceful manner” by having sex with prostitutes under the age of 18 between 1993 and 2001.
Sgt. Armin Teitz who led a 2004 crim­inal investigation into several Prince George officers accused of having sex with prostitutes, testified yesterday about the allegations against Harris.
One woman told investigators she had sex with Harris when she was between the ages of about 13 and 15. A second teenage prostitute told investigators she also had sex with Harris at least twice.
Harris’ lawyer, Reginald Harris, is arguing the charges should be thrown out because the RCMP took too long to launch its case against him. — CNS
(Above story appeared in paper October 4/2006 the SAME DAY it was announced the case would be dropped - see below.)
Check out this video from CTV in Vancouver which aired October 4/06 at 6:00pm. Note how they even managed to find an excuse to hide the officers identity, so he can return to active duty as an undercover "officer".


Disciplinary charges dropped against ‘disgraced’ Mountie

RCMP took too long to bring case against officer accused of having sex with young prostitutes, to bring their case against him.
But the RCMP said yesterday that Const. Justin Harris — who has been on paid suspension — will not be allowed to return to work until the force decides whether to appeal the decision.
Harris, who maintains his innocence and has not been criminally charged, appeared before a disci­plinary hearing in Vancouver this week accused of behaving in a ‘disgraceful manner” by having sex with prostitutes under the age of 18 between 1993 and 2001.
Harris was first notified of the disciplinary chairs against him in September 2004.
Under the RCMP Act, a commanding officer must launch a disciplinary hearing within one year of becoming aware of an officer’s misconduct.
Harris’ lawyer Reginald Harris argued the Mounties failed to meet that standard in his client’s case because senior members of the force — including assistant commissioner Gary Bass — were aware of the allegations as early as July 2002. Yesterday, the three-member panel hearing the case agreed and dropped the case against him. Reached by phone yesterday, Bass refused to comment on his handling of the Harris case, saying he hadn’t had a chance to read the panel’s written ruling. Before Harris’ disciplinary hearing was shut down, it heard accusations that Harris had sex with two underage prostitutes in Prince George.
Sgt. Armin Teitz, who was involved in the criminal investigation of Harris’ conduct, said one woman told investigators she performed oral sex on Harris when she was between the ages of about 13 and 15. The woman told investigators that Harris wanted her to remove the condom he was wearing and, when she refused, he hit her. Another woman told investigators that she had sex with Harris at least twice when she was 16 and that Harris was “drunk and aggressive” on both occa­sions. Harris refused to talk to reporters yesterday. Concerns about RCMP officers in Prince George having sex with teen prostitutes first surfaced as a result of the RCMP’s investigation into former Prince George provincial court Judge David Ramsay.
Ramsay pleaded guilty in 2004 to various sex­ related offences involving young aboriginal girls. Some of whom appeared in his courtroom.
The young woman who died earlier this month in hospital had told authorities that she was left naked near the highway and threatened with death if she told anyone.
You know there's problems when an RCMP member can rape young girls... never get charged... go back to police work.... and never have his face shown on the news.

 Ford was charged with one count of assault and one count of impaired driving nearly a month later. The charges were dismissed Monday in Calgary Provincial Court, after the Crown said 
witnesses were not subpoenaed in time
Byron Prior's 40-year struggle to bring to justice high level political and legal figures in Newfoundland, Canada, who sexually abused his family. Please see below video! News Staff
In the 1990s, before Hong Kong was reverted from British to Chinese control, millions of residents were looking to relocate on the chance that things went bad after the handover. Canada, with its huge expat communities in Vancouver and Toronto, quickly became a desirable destination. Day after day, people lined up at the Canadian High Commission in Hong Kong, waiting to apply for visas. Many of those seeking landed immigrant status were people looking to come to Canada for the right reasons, but according to former Royal Hong Kong Police Chief Detective Inspector Sandy Boucher, Canada was also gaining a reputation in organized crime circles as a haven for those mixed up in shady dealings.
“We knew that many of our organized crime figures -- people with records, people without records but serious criminals – were looking to move to Canada,” says Boucher. But while Canadian authorities are supposed to keep those kinds of people out, in Hong Kong, something appeared to be going very wrong. “Some applied (for visas) and were turned back, some applied and got in,” says Boucher. “It was no secret.”
One such immigrant was Lee Chau Ping, a notorious drug trafficker who is known as the Ice Queen. In 1992, after police raided her labs and one of her safe houses, the Ice Queen got on a plane headed for Canada. Not thinking that the Canadian government would let her stay. Boucher assumed the Ice Queen had headed oversees to wait for the heat on her gang to die down a little. So he was shocked when an RCMP officer told him she had been granted landed immigrant status. “I said, ‘It can’t be – she’s got a criminal record. I know she’s known to Canadian authorities.’”
But apparently, Lee Chau Ping – who posed as a businesswoman ready to invest $170,000 in a Chicken Delight franchise in a tiny town in northern Saskatchewan – had slipped under the radar. And Brian McAdam, the immigration control officer at the High Commission in Hong Kong, soon learned that other criminals had too.
“I discovered that these Triad people (members of secret Chinese organized crime fraternities that have ties to members of the Hong Kong business community) were regulars at getting visas to visit their families or go on holidays as the case may be, and yet clearly on the file was intelligence information identifying who they were.”
McAdam was puzzled as to how known criminals were able to get into Canada, but a little bit of digging turned up connections between the Triad members and officials working inside the Canadian embassy. In fact, according to McAdam, High Commission staff was on the receiving end of expensive gifts, cocktail parties, yacht trips and visits to the casinos in Macau.
According to Garry Clement, who worked at the time as an RCMP officer stationed at the High Commission, the freebies even included cash for betting on the horses at Hong Kong’s Happy Valley racetrack. But he was suspicious that those perks would come with a price.
“At what point do you draw the line? And you’ve got to ask yourself who are the people that are giving, and what do you owe in return? It was a Chinese gentleman that I had met … (who) told me very early on nobody in Chinese culture does anything for nothing. And I never forgot that. And I think that’s where you have to look at – why was the Canadian mission being targeted? Why was the Canadian mission being invited out to all these events?”
McAdam and Clement set out for the answers. Immediately, they found obvious signs of corruption: complaints from a Chinese couple that someone at the embassy had offered to expedite their visa application in exchange for $10,000; fake immigration stamps and a fake visa receipt. In one incident, McAdam actually saw the criminal records of Triad members literally drop off their files after he pulled them up on the computer.
W-FIVE found a man who knows firsthand of the links between Hong Kong’s organized crime circles and the Canadian High Commission. He agreed to be interviewed, but, fearing for his life, only under the condition that his identity be protected.
The man told W-FIVE that the corruption at the High Commission was a “fairly open secret” among Hong Kong’s middle class. He said Triad members, including “famous businessmen, solicitors, legislators (and) accountants” used to invite embassy staff to the races and lavish parties.
“Some money change hands, some handshake and problem solved,” he said. “They give you a Rolex, fancy car, then when you get hooked, they ask you to do a favour.”
The source told W-FIVE he was never aware of the exact price for a Canadian visa, but he estimated the entry cost for a Triad member’s family would be in the neighbourhood of $500,000 HK. And he said the corruption was far and wide within the embassy. “Without help from insiders it won’t work. … It takes more than one person in the High Commission to get the job done, not just one single person – there must be big, big scandal behind it all.”
In 1992, the Department of Foreign Affairs sent over a computer expert from Ottawa to probe the lapses. The top-secret report prepared by that expert, David Balser, confirmed the existence of some alarming security breaches at the mission, including the fact that unauthorized staff had access to the computer system where visas could be approved with a check mark and criminal records could be scrubbed clean.
But though the report revealed some major problems, it went virtually unnoticed. In 1995, Liberal MP David Kilgour wrote a letter to then-prime minister Jean Chretien warning of the “highly irresponsible and/or illegal practices” at the High Commission and asking for a full public inquiry. It was never acknowledged.
Then, in 1996, RCMP Corporal Robert Read was assigned to review the Hong Kong file. And while he too thought there were clear problems that needed to be investigated, he says he was urged by his superiors to turn a blind eye.
“This is water under the bridge, why go over this again,” Read says he was told. After he encountered more and more roadblocks thrown up by his bosses and government bureaucrats, he says he “arrived at the opinion that the progress I was making was not that pleasing to my superiors.”
And Read wasn’t the only member of the RCMP to be shut down by the force. In 1993, Staff Sergeant Jim Puchniak requested permission to go to Hong Kong to conduct a full investigation, but he was told by the RCMP liason officer at the mission, Inspector Gary Lagamodiere, that doing so would upset the High Commissioner.
“Why would anybody who is the head of a mission fear the RCMP coming in to conduct an investigation if everything is above board?” he recalls wondering. “My instinct then, and still is, if there was nothing to hide, you would welcome a police investigation, so obviously there was something going on.”
But unlike Puchniak, Read wasn’t willing to accept the roadblocks he encountered. In 1999, he made an unthinkable move for a police officer, breaking his oath of secrecy and going public about the scandal. The RCMP reacted quickly, firing the 24-year veteran after finding him guilty of professional misconduct.
But Read appealed his dismissal, and in 2003, the RCMP’s External Review Committee issued a scathing indictment over the handling of the Hong Kong affair. In its decision the committee wrote the “the RCMP was walking on eggshells whenever it conducted an investigation into activities at a Canadian mission abroad and basically restricted to what the Department of Foreign Affairs was willing to allow it to investigate.
“What is at issue was a deliberate choice made by the RCMP not to pursue an investigation into possible wrongdoing even though the numerous examples had been drawn to its attention of incidents that suggested an immigration fraud ring was operating within the very premises of the mission and possibly involved employees of the Government of Canada.”
Scott Newark, the former head of the Canadian Police Association, said the decision makes clear the proper relationship between police and government agencies.
“For me, the larger issue here, the thing that is most problematic is not even all of the clear wrong-doing going on in Hong Kong and the after-effects of that. It’s the fact that the institution and the people involved who we give guns and badges to and swear public oaths and that have the obligation to investigate and enforce the law decided that their duty was not to do that.”
While the report clearly vindicated Read, the RCMP has refused to reinstate him – a decision he is fighting in Federal Court. But because he never got the investigation he wanted into the Canadian High Commission in Hong Kong, questions about the depth of the corruption and political interference there will probably never be answered. Both John Higgenbotham, the Canadian High Commissioner in Hong Kong from 1989 to 1994, and RCMP Superintendent Giuliano Zaccardelli – people who may be able to lend some perspective to the unanswered questions -- refused to be interviewed by W-FIVE.
But regardless of who was responsible, for retired RCMP superintendent Garry Clement, it all comes down to one thing.
“Did we drop the ball? I have to take as much credit – I was a senior officer in the RCMP. … I don’t think we should try to defend it. The bottom line is, we dropped the ball in this investigation.” 

Whether by physical abuse like with the Maher Ara torture or using Micro Wave and V2K technology, like the RCMP are doing to the targeted victims. 

Prime Minister Harper apologizes to Maher Ara for Canada torturung him. 

Harper has done absolutely nothing to acknowledge or help the targeted individuals victims.

"What luck for rulers that men do not think."  Adolf Hitler 


Interview with Barrie Trower In November 2010. Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and WiFi. Mr Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Fedration in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health. 

With respect to my fellow scientists I shall be writing this report in non-scientific form for all of those readers who have not had the benefit of a scientific education.  

Original air date April 19th, 2010 broadcasted on Radio 7 RSA, South Africa. Jenny Williams interviews Barrie Trower, retired British Military Intelligence Scientist in microwave and stealth warfare. During the 1950s and 1960s during the Cold War, it was realized both by accident that microwaves could be used as stealth weapons against the Russians. Russia beamed the American embassy during the Cold War and it gave everybody working in the embassy cancer, breast cancers, leukemia's whatever, and it was realized then that low level microwaves were the perfect stealth weapon to be used on dissident groups around the world, because you could make dissident groups sick, give them cancer, change their mental outlook on life without them even knowing they were being radiated, and one of my particular tasks...I spent eleven years questioning captured of my particular tasks was to learn the particular frequencies of microwaves that they used on which particular victims, if I may use that word, and what the outcome was, and I built up a dossier...I'm probably the only person in the world with the complete list...I built up a dossier of what pulse frequencies of microwaves will cause what psychological or physiological damage to a person.


  1. Sean Stinn is dead from torture!

    Sean you will be missed, but not forgotten.

    "Even in the Deepest Sinking there is the hidden purpose of an ultimate rising. So it is for all men, women and children, from none is the source of light Withheld unless he himself Withdraws from it. Therefore the most important thing is not to despair."
    ~ Hasidic Saying ~.
    Following the Light Path!

    When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn, bomb, target and destroy, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love. Thank you Sean for helping our cause in fighting micro wave and direct energy weapons!

  2. Sean Stinn is dead from torture!

    Sean you will be missed, but not forgotten.

    "Even in the Deepest Sinking there is the hidden purpose of an ultimate rising. So it is for all men, women and children, from none is the source of light Withheld unless he himself Withdraws from it. Therefore the most important thing is not to despair."
    ~ Hasidic Saying ~.
    Following the Light Path!

    When evil men plot, good men must plan. When evil men burn, bomb, target and destroy, good men must build and bind. When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love. Thank you Sean for helping our cause in fighting micro wave and direct energy weapons!



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