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Friday, 25 June 2010

The Braidwood Commission Report on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Murder of Polish Visitor Robert Dziekanski,who only came to British Columbia to see his Mum!

VANCOUVER -- Four police officers met Robert Dziekanski at the customs hall in Vancouver International Airport. Less than 30 seconds later, they tasered him five times.

Friday, Commissioner Thomas Braidwood released the results of his inquiry. Braidwood concluded Dziekanski was not defiant or resistant when police confronted him October 14, 2007, and says the officers use of force was not justified. "Despite their training the officers approached the incident as though responding to a bar room brawl and failed to switch gears when they realized they were dealing with an obviously distraught traveler" says Braidwood.

Braidwood adds that witness video taken that night was invaluable. But it was in conflict with the officers' testimony, police evidence Braidwood called "patently unbelievable."

There is no question, Braidwood found, that multiple taser stuns played a prominent role in Dziekanski's death. After a lengthy trip from Poland, Dziekanski spent hours wandering the customs hall, and Braidwood was critical of the Canadian Border Services Agency who offered no help to the Polish immigrant. "I was frankly appalled a passenger could disappear for five hours" Braidwood says.

He says BC needs a civilian investigative team to examine all police related incidents. The BC Government says that will be implemented. "What everyone wants here is to ensure that an independent investigative unit is in place that can draw on the best available trained personnel" says Attorney General Mike De Jong.

The RCMP acknowledged Friday the force failed on many levels that night in 2007, and its officers did not provide Dziekanski an appropriate level of care.

Dziekanski's mother thanked the commission Friday, but it is criminal charges against the officers she wants, and the government says the case has now bene reopened, and a special prosecutor will take another look at what happened at Vancouver's airport three years ago.

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