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Thursday, 25 August 2011

- Justice Terence A. Schultes - IS A LIAR, CHEAT AND SWINDLER OF JUSTICE - CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION - Criminal Investigation of a British Columbia Judge and his conflict of interest relationship with the Department of Justice in Vancouver British Columbia - "INJUSTICE NEVER RULES FOREVER"

TERENCE A. SCHULTES Supreme Court of British Columbia (Vancouver) I attended law school at the University of Victoria and was called to the Bar in 1987. 
I spent my entire practising career as a Crown counsel with the Ministry of the Attorney General, in the Vancouver and Fraser Regions. My last position was as the Regional Crown Counsel for the Vancouver Region. 
I was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2006. I was appointed to the Supreme Court of British Columbia in May of 2009. 
I was based in New Westminster until January 31st of this year, when I was transferred to Vancouver. 
Schultes is a lying son of a bitch. He ruled on my lawsuit against the RCMP when he had previously been working as crown counsel with Megan Volk, his co-worker and colleague. Schultes was crown counsel for years and then became a judge during my lawsuit. What a lying corrupt arsehole, scoundrel and unfit to be a B.C. Supreme Court Judge.
Lying Clown Arsehole of the B.C. Courts  
'Ultra Virus' Schultes.
Schultes reminds me of another maniac

Ultra Virus Latin: without authority.  

An act which is beyond the power or authority of the person or organization which took it.

Science Channel Admits Microwaves Used in Mind Control


Watch all of the HAARP videos and learn about sophisticated technology disabling the t.i. victims. HAARP (high frequency active auroral research project)

What will Canada come up with next to Torture it's Victims?
Does Schultes even care? 

"It may sound like science fiction, but using your brain waves to control the environment around you, like the lights in your home or even your toaster, is already a reality. One Toronto-based company has developed a system called thought-control computing and it's exploring a range of commercial opportunities that include screens on airplanes and video games. Its philosophy is simple: If you can plug it in, you can control it with your brain."


Jesse Baltran, targeted individuals sworn video affidavit, Sacramento California. 

Do you read the paper Schultes? 
Ross Lawsuit and Hon. Justice James Williams Ruling in the Vancouver Newspaper.

Schultes, you are a freaking Moron! "What luck for rulers that men do not think."  Adolf Hitler  Parts of the Auschwitz Camp were called Canada.
Schultes is SNAFU, just like Adolf Hitler.

The good Doctor Amin Gadit is helping the targeted individuals all over the world! 

ICAACT was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. Our aim is to obtain evidence.


The Terrorist Script - by Barrie Trower

Download Amin Muhammad Gadit's Article

ICAACT Radio Show related to this article
ICAACT Radio Show: Ron Gillan's story about how ICAACT helped in a court case


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Amin Muhammad  

Amin Muhammad Gadit is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine. October 2009, he writes a paper with the title “Terrorism and Mental Health: The issue of Psychological Fragility” published in Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. In the paper he talks about psychological long term effects that result from terrorist activities on civilians, including behavioral problems and post-traumatic stress.
He also notes that with the introduction of remote influencing technology, and the new weapon systems, it might be challenging for a psychiatrist to tell the difference between real mental and physical problems and induced ones, asking one crucial question: Are we prepared for this challenge?
“The matters in terms of violence are advancing with the passage of time that may possibly bring in more serious issues related to both physical as well as mental health.
Of late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making physical appearance. It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses. It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.
Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered and can even motivate suicide or murder. Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body. Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption. This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of abuse and torture. Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims.
The potential threat from use of biological warfare agents is more devastating as they are not detectable before the attack and can lead the possible victims to a state of constant vigilance and anxiety.”
Link to the entire article:
See Amin Muhammad’s bio.
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Subject: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Secretary Consultant Re: Conflict of Interest in B.C. Courts, Justice Schultes and DOJ, FILE - S117620 B.C. Supreme New West Re: Megan F. Volk RCMP Lawyer and Justice Terence A. Schultes, British Columbia Judge
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 19:19:21 +0100

Re: Legal Proceeding in British Columbia Supreme Court

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
and Secretary Consultant
Ottawa Canada

Dear Prime Minister Harper, Sir or Madam Secretary
Please be kind enough to review my important e-mail regarding Justice Terence A. Schultes and his conflict of interest ties to the Department of Justice in Vancouver and Megan Volk, RCMP Litigator. I had an important lawsuit in British Columbia, which was illegally dismissed. My Human Rights, Charter Rights and Constitutional Rights have been violated. I will be filing the Lawsuit in a International Court, where the Justices understand Sophisticated Technology Crimes. There are over 300,000 Victims in the world suffering from technology crimes, no one understands. The Targeted Victims, understand what's happened to them and so do a handful of Expert Witnesses. Technology Crimes are the New Frontier in our Courtrooms. I am asking you please, investigate the conflict of interest of how and why a Supreme Court Justice, who worked as a Crown Prosecuter for a great many years. Has continued ties to the Department of Justice and was influenced to dismiss my lawsuit in September of 2009. Justice Schultes, never looked at my important Affidavits, Research and Evidence. Evidence Website. Madam Registrar Sainty in our Supreme Court hearing on August 22, adjourned our matter. DOJ had made to many mistakes in their application for billing me for their fees. Adding Insult to Injury, is not what you expect in a Court of Law, when you are the plaintiff. Madam Sainty, said I should get legal advice regarding my evidence on Justice Schultes and Megan Volk. Peter Ritchie, famed lawyer said, "The courts are no longer for the common man, woman and child." Our Courts are where you go to fix your problems, not make them worse. If I were to mail you this e-mail letter, you would not be able to click and see the live links in the website. Please excuse the Clown pictures in my website, portraying Justice Schultes. I have the highest respect for the Courts and won the ruling of the Hon. Justice James Williams July 10 of 2009. I had the legal right to continue my lawsuit and applications for complete disclosure and examination of the RCMP Officers, who attended my Hope property in 2003. This did not happen because of Schultes, a new Justice in 2009. Please refer my matter to the Canadian Government Department, which has the authority to investigate my complaint. Thank you for your help and considerations in this disturbing matter.
Best Regards,
 Jonathan Ross
"Human happiness and moral
duty are inseperably connected"
Louise Arbour: Mixing Security Development Human Rights

Subject: Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and Marry Murray, Sukhi Waraich and Colleauges FILE - S117620 B.C. Supreme New West Re: Megan F. Volk RCMP Lawyer and Justice Terence A. Schultes, British Columbia Judge - Criminal Investigation of Department of Justice
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 08:25:57 +0100

Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin
Chief Justice of Canada Offices

Dear Madam Secretary,
Please see that someone in the Chief Justices Office, gets my e-mail and responds to it. Please look at all the compelling evidence of the British Columbia Courts and Department of Justice, involved in Criminal Behavior. If you cannot help with the matters in this e-mail, please refer the matter to your Colleauge who can. This is Canadian Government Business and you office represents, one of the Honourable Officials of the Canadian Government.
Thank you,
 Jonathan Ross

Without PrejudiceChief Justice Beverly McLachlin
Supreme Court Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Canada

Marry Murray Esq. and Sukhi Waraich Department of Justice
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Dear Cheif Justice McLachin, Marry, Sukhi and Colleauges,
Please review the evidence of Megan F. Volk and Terence A. Schultes working together at the Department of Justice. In the courtroom listening to the both of them in August and September of 2009 by telephone court. There was an overwhelming intimate relationship, I was witness to. My lawsuit was dismissed, because of a fraudulant illegal friendship, between two Government Officials and Colleauges. I won the ruling in the Hon. Justice James Williams courtroom, fair and square on July 10, 2009. Megan wasted no time, rushing my lawsuit and ruling to her friend and colleauge Schultes. Schultes only became a Justice for the B.C. Courts in 2009 and had been working with Megan at the DOJ for a good many years. Colleagues, Friends, Lovers and Conspirators. Committing a Crime in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. The Courts are where the Common Man, Woman and Child goes to fix a problem in their lives. Not to make it worse with Corrupt Government Officials. All my evidence will be e-mailed to the Government Agency, who investigate fraud and  outrageous crimes of this nature. I thought it wise to e-mail you the evidence, so you can start your own investigation. In your investigation, you can clean up DOJ and move up through the ranks to be Wally Opals top assistant, take Sukhi with you. I know how these Buddy Deals work in the Courtrooms. My lawyer Roy Dickey, who is now a Justice in Kamloops went to Law School with the DOJ Forestry Prosecutor. (Jim O'Connell ?) I was given an agreed CSO, for a Timber Tresspass in 2000? The Judge hearing the matter commended me for appearing in his courtroom, because I could of been given jail time. Roy put the matter before his Judge friend, so the CSO was agreed on. I have been a witness to other Buddy Deals with Justices and Lawyers in the B.C. Courts. Leonard Kompa is a lawyer, who does Buddy Deals with the Crown Prosecutors. Kompa loses on purpose and violates his oath as a lawyer to defend his clients. This has been going on for years with Kompa, working with the Crown and taking money from legal aid, to represent clients. The Courts feel sorry for Kompa, because he is in a wheel chair, I have seen him walk. He is a mental cripple, not a physical one. How on earth are the Victims, Plaintiffs and Defendants ever going to get Justice in a Courtroom full of Buddy Deals and Corruption. The Rule of Law is being twisted to suit the needs and desires of Colleauges from the Law Society, the Courts and Department of Justice. My important Sworn Affidavits are sitting downstairs in the British Columbia Registry Office, un-opened because of Justice Schultes. Schultes has demonstrated total ignorance and abuse of power, by dismissing my unusual lawsuit. He has violated my legal rights, human rights and access to the British Columbia Courts. Justice Terence A. Schultes is a Liar, a Fraud and a Criminal.  How can other Honourable and Good Justices, allow such a man to sit among them??  "How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world."   ~ William Shakespeare ~
Best Regards,

Evidence Links

    Public Prosecution Service of Canada - Law Firm Profile. Lawyers associated with Public 
    prosecution Service of Canada - Page 4

The Scopes "Monkey" Trial - A Documentary 




Name Megan F Volk
Title Counsel
Law Firm Public Prosecution Service of Canada
City Vancouver
Province British Columbia
Postal Code V5Z 1K6

Subject: MY COPY terence schultes criminal judge in b c
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 22:54:01 +0100

    • The Honourable Terence A. Schultes, a Regional Crown Counsel in Vancouver, is appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. He replaces Madam Justice E. A. Bennett in Vancouver.

      Mr. Justice Schultes received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in 1983 and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Victoria in 1986. He was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1987. Mr. Justice Schultes was a Regional Crown Counsel in Surrey, Port Coquitlam and New Westminster from 1987 to 1992, a Disclosure Court Crown Counsel at the Surrey Crown Counsel Office from 1992 to 1994, a Deputy Regional Crown Counsel in the Fraser Region from 1996 to 2003 and a Regional Crown Counsel from 2003 to 2009.
      These appointments are effective immediately.

      • Profile of New Westminster lawyer, Terence A Schultes. Terence A Schultes is Regional Crown Counsel at Regional Crown Counsel Office, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

    • The Honourable Terence A. Schultes, a Regional Crown Counsel in Vancouver, is appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. He replaces Madam Justice E. A. Bennett in Vancouver.

      Mr. Justice Schultes received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in 1983 and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Victoria in 1986. He was called to the Bar of British Columbia in 1987. Mr. Justice Schultes was a Regional Crown Counsel in Surrey.

                  Justice Terrence Schultes and Crown Prosecutor at Department of Justice in British Columbia

Name Terence A Schultes
Title Regional Crown Counsel
Law Firm Ministry of the Attorney General
City New Westminster
Province British Columbia
Postal Code V3M 1C9
Website N.A.

Ministry of the Attorney General 

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People Associated with Ministry of the Attorney General

 According to the R C M P website
human trafficking includes the following: 
* who is being controlled by threats, however subtle?
* who fears for their safety or that of loved ones?
* who has bruises, or shows other signs of abuse?
* who has been tattooed or branded by someone?
* who is being deprived of any of life’s necessities (e.g. medical care, food)?
* whose freedom of movement seems to be restricted?
* who is working under unreasonable conditions?
A victim of remote human experiments deals with most of these issues.  
I am hoping that more Organizations speak up about people who are also being used as remote human experiments as investigated by the Presidential Bioethics Commissions Committee in the United States.

Evidence from a Sworn Affidavit, June 28, 2011
Subject: Ross v. Ministry of Public Safety - S117620
Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 09:38:31 -0700
Mr. Ross
I have received your Notice of Hearing and Notice of Motion in regards to turning off the electro-magnetic weapons.  I have spoken with Justice Schultes and he has stated that a date to hear this motion will be set on September 28 after he gives his judgment.  I will hold the documents in my office until that date.

Debi Soroka
Supreme Court Scheduler
New Westminster Law Courts
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
NOTE: This e-mail message is intended only for the named recipient(s) above and may contain information that is confidential. If you have received this message in error, or are not the named recipient(s), please immediately notify the sender and delete this e-mail message.


Human Rights Group | Daily News Blog

"אפילו אין די דיפּאַסט סינגקינג דאָרט איז די פאַרבאָרגן צוועק פון אַן לעצט רייזינג. אזוי עס איז פֿאַר אַלע מענטשן, פון גאָרניט איז די מקור פון ליכט וויטכעלד סייַדן ער זיך ווידדראָז פון עס. דעריבער די מערסט וויכטיק זאַך איז ניט צו פאַרצווייפלונג. "חסידישע סייַינג."
"Even in the Deepest Sinking there is the hidden purpose of final Rising. So it is for all people, from nothing is the source of light Withheld unless he himself Withdraws from it. Therefore the most important thing is not to despair."     ~  Hasidic Saying  ~
Evidence from a Sworn Affidavit, June 28, 2011

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 18:44:03 +0100


Evidence from a Sworn Affidavit, June 28, 2011

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 04:14:36 -0700
Subject: Johnny

Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!

  • 5:59 pm  |
size0-armymil-31405-2009-03-02-090317Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation” after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert, said, he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert’s favor, and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using “electronic means” to further harass Walbert. No, seriously.
I recently took part in a BBC Radio 4 program, which took a light-hearted look into the “the real Manchurian Candidate” — and examined whether there is any truth in stories of mind control.  Most of these projects are just lab experiments, or examples of Powerpoint engineering. But in some legal, policy, and business circles, electromagnetic brain assaults are being taken seriously.
Walbert’s cause is supported by Jim Guest, a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He’s working on proposed legislation to addresses electronic harassment, including a bill against the forced implantation of RFID chips.
The U.N. is also now taking the possibility of electromagnetic terrorism against people seriously. And for the first time this year’s European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons included a session on the social implications of non-lethal weapons, with specific reference to “privacy-invasive remote interrogation and behavioral influence applications.” Those who believe they are being targeted are getting a bit of official recognition.
For some, this opens up a new business opportunity. There are already quite a few companies out there offering “Technical Surveillance Counter Measures,” or sweeps to determine if you are the victim of electronic harassment. As well detecting the usual bugging devices, they can check if you are being covertly bombarded by microwaves which may be the cause of “headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears.” Much of this trade may come from people with symptoms caused by something less exotic than high-tech military hardware. But companies will no doubt be willing to sell them expensive protection measures, anyway. And as awareness of these developing technology projects increases, we are likely to be hearing a lot more about “electronic harassment,” “gang stalking” and the like over the next few years.
And there is also likely to be what folklorists call “Ostension,” or acting out. Now that there are so many websites explaining how easy it is to harass people by zapping them with a modified microwave oven, sooner or later someone is bound to try it.
[Photo: U.S. Army] 
Rep. Jim Guest: The "Go-To Guy" for Victims of "Secret Electromagnetic Energy Weapons"

Rep. Jim Guest (R-King City) may have as many conspiracy theories as Orly Taitz. Yesterday, Iposted a short summary of a Wired magazine article about Guest's fight against electromagnetic radiation. Today's Post-Dispatch has even more information about Guest's efforts on behalf of a Kansas man allegedly harassed by "secret electromagnetic energy weapons," and persons similarly oppressed everywhere. [James Walbert of Wichita] asked for a legal order of protection against a former business partner whom he claimed had “stalked myself and family members with electronic and microwave devices.” Thanks in part to a letter of support written by Missouri state Rep. Jim Guest, R-King City, on his official stationery — and in part to the former business partner’s absence from a hearing on the allegation — Mr. Walbert got his order of protection on Dec. 30... Mr. Guest has become something of an elder statesman for those who worry about the impending microchip threat. He appeared on a radio show Monday with the author of the Pennsylvania bill. He’s also become the go-to guy for what he describes as “microwave and electronic harassment victims” — people targeted by nefarious forces wielding secret electromagnetic energy weapons. His interest in the subject began three or four years ago, he says, when he was first approached by victimized citizens. One of them was Mr. Walbert. The Post-Dispatch also points readers to a 2008 New York Times article featuring Guest and his concerns.  And the users of some sites have found the support of Jim Guest, a Republican state representative in Missouri, who wrote last year to his fellow legislators calling for an investigation into the claims of those who say they are being tortured.  “I’ve had enough calls, some from credible people — professors — being targeted by nonlethal weapons,” Mr. Guest said in a telephone interview, adding that nothing came of his request for a legislative investigation. “They become affected by it. They have trouble sleeping at night.” He added: “I believe there are people who have been targeted by this. With this equipment, you have to test it on somebody to see if it works.” Appropriately, Guest has been at least tacitly supported in his efforts by the House GOP leadership, which has named Guest the Chairman of the House Real ID and Personal Privacy Committee.
Respectfully James Walbert

Respectfully James Walbert

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 09:45:10 -0700
Subject: RE: Camille Parent, Court Registry Services Re: Ross v. MPSSG et al - BCSC New Westminster Registry No. S117620

Hello Jonathan,

You are very welcome for the available dates. 

With respect to the action being dismissed, I am unable to answer your questions regarding the matter being heard on August 15, 2011.  I am not aware of what Mr. Justice Schultes dismissed in 2009.  This is an issue you may wish to seek legal advice on. 

If you do not have counsel of record there are a few free/inexpensive services you may wish to use: at 604-687-4680 or Lawyer Referral ($25.00 for 30 minutes) 604-687-3221, call 8:30 – 4:30 PST or the Legal Services Society, at 604-408-2172.  I understand you are overseas and these are British Columbia services, but they may be useful to you.

Thank you,

Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 14:56:48 -0700
Subject: RE: Camille and Justice Williamson, Re: B.C. Supreme Court File SS117620
Hello Mr. Ross,

Your application and affidavit have been received by the registry.  Please see the attached letter, the original of which was mailed to you on, August 2, 2011. 

As per the attached letter I can advise you that action S117620 was dismissed on September 28, 2009.  Therefore the registry is unable to accept the documents for filing or respond further to requests, as the action is concluded. 


Camille Parent

Camille Parent | A/Manager Registry Operations
Ministry of Attorney General | New Westminster Law Courts  | 651 Carnarvon St, New Westminster BC  V3M 1C9

Subject: Camille Parent Re: IMPORTANT Ross v. MPSSG et al - BCSC New Westminster Registry No. S117620
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 08:51:22 +0100

'Without Prejudice'
 Legal Perspective File S117620

Dear Camille,
I asked Michael Menkes, Lawyer in New Westminster about our situation and he advised me,"the Justice had jurisdiction over the costs, DOJ is trying to recoup from me." My New Affidavit is dealing with the costs, among other important evidence. The Supreme Court of British Columbia, has dismissed an important lawsuit, violating my Charter Rights. I will be filing the Lawsuit in the High Court of London, as soon as I'm ready with all the case law, legal submissions, additional evidence and International Judicial review of a Human Rights Violations, recognized in a Superior International Court. My Lawsuit may of been dismissed, but there is a hearing set for August 22 at 9:30 am regarding file S117620. I have a right to be heard by a Justice. If there is a hearing, the matter is not entirely dismissed. Legally, I am entitled to submit my Affidavit to the Supreme Court. Please see that a Justice, gets my e-mail and attachment documents. To have the hearing heard by a Court Registrar on August 22, is inadequate in a Court of Law. Almost 2 years ago, DOJ tried the same rubbish and it was dismissed by the Lady Registrar.
Thank you for all your help, enjoy the rest of your summer!

From: Jonathan Ross []
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2011 1:31 PM
To: Parent, Camille E AG:EX
Subject: Camille and Justice Williamson, Re: B.C. Supreme Court File SS117620

Dear Camille and Justice Williamson,
I mailed my new affidavit to you last week by Royal Mail Air Shore, You should have it by now. I am providing this e-mail with the links below, so the Lordship can watch the video testimony from expert witnesses and the testimony from the victims speaking at the Presidential Commission hearings in Washington D.C. and New York City. It's easier to see the live links, instead of copy and paste to turn a dead link into a live one. Everything that's in this e-mail, is also in my sworn affidavit. I decided to mail you everything, because Valerie is on holiday. No one in the office is familiar with her file. I was able to save money, I don't have by sending you the affidavit the old fashioned way, Royal Mail. The receipt is in the attachments with my application and letter to Justice Williamson and You. I hope the Lordship's are able to see the links, so they see how this outrageous crime involving technology is impairing the victims. I hope some good comes out of this pending matter in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, where this lawsuit belongs.

Subject: Hiya Keith, how is work at the paper? Re: FILE - S117620 B.C. Supreme New West Re: Megan F. Volk RCMP Lawyer and Justice Terence A. Schultes, British Columbia Judge
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 07:28:17 +0100

The Province and Sun News Papers
Vancouver British Columbia

Hiya Keith,
I spoke to you regarding Peter Ritchie back in Dec of 2008. Are you still the Top Dog on the Court Scene?
You gave me Ritchies telephone number 604-684-0778. That was a good article on Ritchie, the common man not having any access to B.C. Courts. Nothing has changed has it? Look at the mess, I am in with my lawsuit. Illegally dismissed by Schultes and his good friend Megan Volk at DOJ.


Subject: Kathy Kallagher Esq. Center for Constitutional Rights Re: FILE - S117620 B.C. Supreme New West Re: Megan F. Volk RCMP Lawyer and Justice Terence A. Schultes, British Columbia Judge
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 07:12:17 +0100

Ms. Kathy Gallagher Esq.
Center for Constitutional Rights
New York, USA

Dear Ms. Gallagher,
Please review my e-mail to the Dept of Justice in B.C. and to the Chief Justice of Canada. Maria Lahood offered to help me with the lawsuit three years ago, I never heard from her. To busy with the Maher Ara lawsuit, I suppose. Our 19th Century Laws are doing little to protect the victims from 21st Century Crimes involving sophisticated satellite technology, no one understands. There are 300,000 targeted individuals ( t.i.'s ) in the world. I have gathered several hundred of them on my dozen facebook sites. James Walbert in Kansas, has the help of House Representitive James Guest of Missouri. James has been doing good in the Hon. Judge James Beasley's Courtroom.
first-of-its-kind order of protection. The rest of the victims are treated like they are 3 sandwiches short of a picnic. There is not one Lawyer in the entire world defending Human Rights for these victims. I am planning to file a class action lawsuit in the High Court of London.  I am using some of your CCR Case Law to support my Judicial Review.  This is not brain surgery to petition the courts for a motion and order to turn off the technology targeting the individuals. I had a motion and hearing application in British Columbia Supreme. My lawsuit was dismissed illegally by Judge Terence A. Schultes, who has conflict of interest ties to Dept. of Justice Colleauges in B.C. Canada. I have never lost a lawsuit, I've litigated myself. Please help with the filing of  important legal documents and case law, the courts must recognize.
Best Regards,

Contact Us   Dr.Cathy Meadows, Clinical Psychologist Website

Subject: The Hon. Wally Oppal Re: FILE - S117620 B.C. Supreme New West Re: Megan F. Volk RCMP Lawyer and Justice Terence A. Schultes, British Columbia Judge
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 05:06:21 +0100

The Hon. Wally Oppal
Attorney General of B.C.
Vancouver B.C. Canada

Dear Mr. Oppal,
Please review this entire e-mail, regarding Justice Schultes and his relationship with Megan Volk and the DOJ. This is an outrageous conflict of interest for a B.C. Judge to have ties to your department. I had a very important lawsuit no one understood, because Technology Crimes are the New Frontier for all of us. Schultes is a colleauge of Megin Volk, and he was used to dismiss my lawsuit illegally in B.C. Supreme Court. Please have a close look at this reckless abuse of our judicial system and do something about it.
Best Regards,
  Jonathan Ross

"Human happiness and moral
duty are inseperably connected"

Louise Arbour: Mixing Security Development Human Rights

‎       "As long as the world shall last there will be wrongs,
            and if no man objected and no man rebelled,
                  those wrongs would last forever."
                            Clarence Darrow



All items are marked as evidence exhibits in my affidavit,

Sworn June 28 and July 27, 2011 with my Solicitor


The links are in my Sworn Affidavit for copy&paste to see the testimony from the Presidential Commission Hearings in Washington D.C.  Witness Testimony and Expert Witness Interviews.


Sworn Affidavit Exhibit,  number  2   June 28, 2011

Barack Obama and Dr. Amy Guttman,

United States Presidential Investigations Commission Hearing 

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2,2011

Targeted Individuals speak out against torture! 

The RCMP are now being investigated for torturing American and Canadians.  
Reward offered for insider information on the RCMP using micro wave and directed energy weapons to target individuals.  
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2, and May 18,2011 

Today, HAARP weaponry technology is not only being attributed to triggering volcanos and earthquakes, including Japan’s quake on March 11, but also to targeting individuals. Following Targeted Individuals’ recent statements presented to President Obama through his appointed Bioethics Committee. 
Group of UAE and Mutli-national lawyers with over 20 years experience in Dubai

Evidence from a Sworn Affidavit, June 28, 2011 C-Mead Consulting helps targeted individuals deal with their feelings and advocates for them with respect to family, friends, attorneys, employers, etc.
Cathy Meadows Website

2005 International Law Enforcement Forum for

"When evil men plot, good men and women must build. When evil men burn and bomb, good men and women must build and bind.
When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men and women must commit themselves to the glories of love. When evil men would seek to perpetuate an unjust status quo, good men and women must seek to bring into being a real order of justice." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -  


                             Honouring our friend Jack Layton
                          Our friend who cared about the victims
                     of technology crimes in Canada and the U S A
                       "How far that little candle throws his beams!
                                So shines a good deed in a naughty world."  
                                             ~ William Shakespeare ~

OneHuman Right 


Seeking Freedom and Justice worldwide
for those targeted with organized stalking 
and remote electronic assaults.

Mt. Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments             

HAARP Holographic Projection and Mind Control     Jerry Douglas Rose Lawsuit Targeted Individuals Testimony and Slaughter of Baby Seals  Washington Post Reporter Sharon Weinberger and targeted individual Harlan Girard 

Who's Pet Are You? Micro Chip Implants for you and your pets

We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement, is based on the irrefutable fact, that mankind has inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM funded Verichip

We The People Will Not Be Chipped 

Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda by John Smith

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Direct Energy Weapons Torture and Kill People

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