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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Justice John E. Hall of the British Columbia Court of Appeals, is an incompetent moron who dismisses your lawsuit illegally. He has not considered the depraved technology the RCMP have used on you. Technology impairing your life and morality. He should be dismissed from the British Columbia Court of Appeals. Your legal rights are violated by Justice Hall, adding insult to injury!
"Injustice Never Rules Forever"
Justice Robert Bauman: A criminal has been named by Stephen Harper as the Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court

The Honorable Justice E. Hall
The B.C. Court of Appeals Registry Staff
The Law Courts, 400-800 Smithe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6Z 2E1

Dear Hon. Justice E. Hall and the B.C.Court of Appeals Registry,         
Re: File Number C A 03761
Please be advised and let the record show. The Minister of Public Safety, the Soliciter General of British Columbia and the Attorney General of Canada, were legally served all the legal notice documents required by the Hon. Justice John E. Hall, as agreed upon on Novovember 30, 2009 in his courtroom. The Respondent was legally served by Royal Mail Courrier Post. Addressed to and signed for by them at 900-840 Howe Street,Vancouver British Columbia Canada V6Z 259 Attn. Marcelle Van Beek, Secretary and Advisor to Megan Volk, Lawyer at RCMP Litigation. As an Officer of The Court, Megan Volk can confirm the service to The B.C.Court of Appeals. My Sworn Affidavit, Dated October 28, 2009 and A New Sworn Affidavit Dated January 13, 2010. My Sworn Affidavits were not recognized by you or your corrupt court and were returned to me. The two Very Important Sworn Affidavits show and prove the Sophisticated Technology, I name in my statement of claim have been tested and heard in The United States Supreme Court by The Hon. Judge James Beasley of Sedgwick County, Kansas USA. The Hon. Judge James Beasley has ruled on these technologies in the James Walbert Lawsuit Winning Lawsuit, against Direct Energy Weapons and RFID Technology used on Humans.  Also the Pierre R. Levesque Lawsuit V. The Queen in The Supreme Court of Ontario Canada. This very important lawsuit my friend Alfred Lambremont Webre, Lawyer and Professor litigated for Mr. Pierre R. Levesque. Alfred Lambremont Webre, won a judgement for Mr. Levesque in the Ontario Court. Mr. Levesque never collected his judgement award of $750,000.000.00 because he passed away from the stress of the lawsuit and your Canadian corrupt court procedures.  There is an epidemic of lawsuits in Canada against the RCMP, CSIS and the Canadian Government, for illegally targeting victims with Direct Energy Weapons and Micro Wave Radiation Technology. You only have to watch the PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION HEARINGS to understand the wrong doing in Canada. The Victims go to court to fix their problems in Canada and hope the courts help them in their struggle for justice. This is not happening, because you are ignorant to technology crimes and are protecting the guilty defendants. THE RCMP, CSIS and THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. Your 19th century laws are no protection against 21st century crimes of depraved technology attacking the victims. A Petition of 2000 signatures of Targeted Individuals (t.i's) was submitted to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the House of Commons. The Petition was tabled, to be heard another day. This is how your fradulant and corrupt Canadian Courts and Government, deals with First Nations and now the Targeted Individuals of Canada. Please keep this letter in my file, as my matter will be heard in a Higher Court, where someone in charge understands the Sophisticated Technology being used on the victims in a depraved and inhuman VIOLATION of HUMAN RIGHTS. The British Columbia Court of Appeals is corrupt and ruthless to dismiss a human rights lawsuit involving sophisticated technology impairing the victims. Your frontier court is living in the dark ages. You have no idea what Direct Energy Weapons are doing to people all over Canada and the world. Sec. 19-24, Hard to Prove and Frivolous is your excuse for Justice.

The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have micro wave radiation, direct energy weapons, v2k, mkultra, tasers, wifi, hunger, poverty, wars, bombs, guided missiles and misguided justices. That's you Justice John E. Hall.

Jonathan Ross
United States Citizen
Beverly Hills California  
Human Rights & Civil Liberties Distinguished  
Historical Context of the Human Rights Act 1998
Human rights group against HAARP petitions

Morality is modified in the lab.
Evidence Link # 7 from
Electromagnetic pulse can be used to disrupt morality in the human brain and create criminal behavior

They identified a region of the brain just above and behind the right ear which appears to control morality. How complex is our sense of morality?  Scientists have shown they can change people's moral judgement by disrupting a specific area of the brain with magnetic pulses.

Subject: Re: Attn. Jeff J. Ray Esq. Re: Jonathan Ross Appeal
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 10:00:04 -0700
There is no basis to argue the RCMP has done something to affect your thought processes. That is not an argument that would impress the court.  If you want that argued you will be hard pressed to find any lawyer, including myself, willing to make that submission.  I will look at the Plea Bargain issue. In the meantime will you be sending me my final retainer? JRR

Subject: Jeff J. Ray  Re: 21 century micro wave and directed energy weapons targeting individuals
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2010 14:05:13 +0100

'Without Prejudice'

Dear Jeff,
Hope all is well in British Columbia, did you send my e-mails to Roy Dickey? If you haven't, please send them or send his e-mail address to me. I have found the case law I need to present my conviction appeal, with your help of course. Have a look at the facebook friends coalition, I have taken on 4000 members in 1 month. Social Media is a great tool for getting people involved in a good cause.
“Injustice Never Rules Forever”

"Injustice Never Rules Forever"  "You have no moral blameworthiness and prospects for rehabilitation"   John Hall and Elizabeth Bennett.  Adolf Hitler's speeches to the Nazi National Party. Hitler was the ultimate criminal mastermind just like the British Columbia Courts, the RCMP and the Canadian Government. 
Human Rights & Civil Liberties Distinguished  
Historical Context of the Human Rights Act 1998

Welcome Keith Fraser, to the world of targeted individuals, micro wave radiation and direct energy weapons torture. 1000's of t.i. victims in Canada are willing to give you their story.!/keithrfraser
Keith Fraser

Keith Fraser Vancouver, B.C. Court Reporter at the Vancouver Law Courts, Vancouver Province Newspaper

"Injustice Never Rules Forever" 

Sworn Affidavit Exhibit No. 2  June 28, 2011

President Barack Obama and Dr. Amy Guttman

United States Presidential Investigations Commission Hearings. 

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2,2011

Targeted Individuals speak out against torture! 

The RCMP are now being investigated for torturing American and Canadian.  
Reward offered for insider information on the RCMP using micro wave and directed energy weapons to target individuals.  
The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues March 2, and May 18,2011
Affidavit Testimony of the t.i. victims and expert witnesses
Affidavit Testimony of the t.i. victims 
The RCMP, CSIS and the Canadian Government is involved with MK-Ultra,V2-K, Mind Control and Medusa technology targeting victims all over the world.

Seeking Freedom and Justice worldwide for those targeted with organized stalking and remote electronic assaults.
A Petition Against the
Military and Intelligence Agencies'
Use of Organized Stalking
and Electronic Torture                 
"What luck for rulers that men do not think."  Adolf Hitler              

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